AZD Leather

Our company started its activities in 1979 in Izmir Yeşildere region as "AZD Leather". In 1994, in order to adapt to the developing technology and to provide better service, it moved to the facility in Izmir Menemen Free Zone with a production line of 8000m2 and cold storage depots.

We have carried out our works by opening our production to the world with our modern and contemporary facilities and launching our production to many countries and brands through export channels.

We have been operating for 3 generations, we work with faith and determination to provide the best service.

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In our facility, the amount of waste water to be generated is minimized in production, and our waste water is purified at the İzmir Free Zone Waste Water Treatment Plant. We give priority to recycling and reintroducing all kinds of waste to the economy, without being discharged into the environment. As AZD Leather, we accept leaving a better environment for future generations as our responsibility and duty.

As Azd leather company, to keep environmental awareness and occupational safety in the first place;
To ensure the adaptation of the leather industry to the modern world by combining the developing technology with our 3 generations of experience,
Developing our technical staff and machine park to meet all customer demands,
To ensure that the product delivery to our customers without any problems by following up our production and to be transparent at this stage,

To prevent dangers before they turn into mistakes by increasing the number of qualified personnel,
With our corporate working identity, to ensure the smooth operation of deliveries and post-delivery business follow-up as well as production,
To provide clear and accurate information to our customers by making technical and analytical analyzes of the out come of our production,
Not only minimizing the damages that may be caused to nature due to production, but also making extra efforts to inherit a green nature to future generations with a sense of responsibility,

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